I'm a Web Designer and UI/UX Designer that uses design as a medium to infuse ideas with reality.

Using design as a medium to
infuse ideas with reality.

Corey Donenfeld

Designer & Developer

Merging your vision with my design.
Creating a unique and engaging user experience.
Making your brand have a lasting impact.

What I do

I tell stories about brands that compel, engage, and connect.

Creative Solutions
Creativity is infused throughout layouts, animations, interactions, colors that speak volumes. Websites that communicate to your users, resulting in seamless experiences.
Visual Design
Designs that look and feel good, communicating the proper messaging. Functional and versatile designs that appeal to your target audience.
Brand identities that encompass who your company is, values, and strives to be. They “wow” you for the sheer fact that they are so spot-on.
About Me

Why choose me?

I work with startup companies and freelancers to create beautiful and creative websites, visual designs, logos, and brands.

I expand beyond the ordinary and form creative solutions.

Taking complex ideas and turning them into extraordinary websites, designs, and brands.

What people are saying


“It has been an absolute delight working with Corey at Studio Simpatico; he is a “self starter” in every sense of the phrase. Though he quite obviously possesses a raw talent for design and technology, the hours he’s spent pouring over others’ work, teaching himself advanced HTML/CSS/JS coding skills, and fearlessly diving into complex design challenges has produced a skillset and portfolio that rival industry techies many years his senior. On top of that, he’s a delight to work with—he is genuinely interested in his clients and their businesses, always thoughtful about his design solutions and how they solve real client and user needs. He is responsive, organized, and a quick learner, with a great sense of humor to boot. I can’t recommend Corey more highly or enthusiastically.

Tamara Olson

“Corey is an amazing web designer. I stand in awe of his ability to design and program effortlessly. He possesses a profound knowledge of web design, quickly taking new ideas and translating them into clean designs that are engaging. Corey was quickly able to understand our business and our offerings, further enabling him to design a website that was fresh and interactive. His keen understanding of our company and deep listening made it possible for flawless collaboration. He engaged in a meaningful way by consulting with us and building on our ideas which stimulated the creative process and resulted in unique solutions. He went above and beyond to make us happy, making working with Corey an enjoyable and creative experience. If you want a website that is going to ‘Wow’ everybody, then choosing Corey is a worthwhile endeavor.

Lisa Danels

“Corey Donenfeld created a great logo, business cards and website for our non-profit. I am very pleased with the final products! Corey impressed me on several levels and he clearly loves what he does. I appreciated his creativity and patience as he taught me how to manage the website which is a big deal as I have never done that before. He is super bright and was great to work with. Highly recommended – thank you, Corey!”

“Corey is a bright, smart and very thoughtful individual. He has a very bubbly personality alongside a comprehensive understanding of design and user interaction. Corey is extremely easy to work with, and helped develop my companies brand – TicketEM, taking it a level further. The website, logo, and panel designs he made for me were stunning, unquestionably displaying Corey’s talent and his vast range of expertise. From personal experience with Corey and seeing his working ability, I recognized his unique ability to quickly adapt to new challenges and ability to learn speedily. I look forward to continuing to work with Corey; he provides a service beyond any other. I have 100% trust and confidence in Corey, as should you.

Shane Cooke

“Corey is an outstanding web developer! If it wasn’t for him, my website wouldn’t be gaining the attention it is. He works insanely hard and holds his clients to the highest standard. Simply incredible.”

Kejsi Seitllari

“Corey has been a big help throughout my company’s life, he’s been there to support the development of our site even when things got tough. He definitely made the journey of starting a business easier! He’s a great person to work alongside with. He’s young and optimistic with his designs, energetic and easy to work with. He’ll always be my number one choice.”

Denny DeBruhl

“Corey is one of the best web developers that I have ever worked with. His tenacity, passion and dedication proved to make an awesome website. Any revisions were made right away and Corey had no problem updating things. His designs have a fresh appeal that will showcase any product you want to offer in an amazing manner.”

Ethan Day

“I went into working with Corey, unaware of the possibilities we could take both Thoughtful Boxes’ brand and website. Through our first few calls and seeing the initial design work, I quickly realized that there was no limit to where we could take my business. Corey gave great direction to my company’s brand by offering thoughtful and intuitive advice. The deliverables were a sleek website with several creative touches that exudes the essence of what my company is all about. He is an excellent listener, and he is genuinely interested in what I am trying to do with Thoughtful Boxes. He went out of his way to make sure we were wholeheartedly satisfied. I look forward to many more collaborations with him. I highly recommend working with Corey to build your website and brand.”

Beth with Jon
Beth Garvey

“Working with Corey was both an honor and a privilege. He was interested in and enthusiastic about my music and creating a visual treatment that reflected how it sounded. I sent him some drafts of an album I was in the process of finishing, and not only did he want to listen to all of it, but he also had ideas about where I could take the project. We worked together, brainstorming a strategy that extending beyond looks and inspired feeling. He created a full, beautiful visual motif to accompany the project. Corey was extremely timely; he had drafts and a folio of different aesthetics ready before I knew it. He was efficient and understanding throughout the creation of some incredible work. He did a really, genuinely fantastic job, and collaborating with Corey not only resulted in a great logo but also was quite fun.”

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